Monday, July 6, 2015

4 Little Feelings I love about being an Adult.

Adutling and parenting, so many things come with those two things. Piles of dishes get bigger and laundry become mountains. Coffee pots seem to always be full and if you have tiny children, toys seem like an infestation. You find them everywhere in everything!

Well here are just a few things that I enjoy being an adult and a parent.

1.) The feeling of getting all the dishes done. I don't have a dishwasher. I hate doing dishes. More often than not I am eating oatmeal with a fork and drinking out of lidless sippy cup. But when I finally decide to get them done, its awesome. A drawer full of spoons and forks! I can lather butter on toast with a real butter knife and not a stake knife! least for the next 3 days until the drawer is empty again and I am left eating with toddler spoons.

2.) This could have also been a childhood favorite, but I love pulling a fresh warm towel out of the dryer after a shower. That alone makes up for an hour at the spa in my mind. So what I have to risk it and make a mad dash to the laundry room from the bathroom in my birthday suit. A warm towel is worth it!

3.) Have you ever actually cleaned under your couch? Most of the time I try to pretend nothing is under there, but when I do, i am always shocks and almost always find the missing shoes. But to sweep and mop under there? That fresh sent of pine-sol! Putting the couch back. When you sit down, it feel like you have a whole new couch! Why don't you do it this more often you wonder? Up until you drop some crumbs and dust them under there to avoid sweeping again. :P

4.) Forced too nap. Your children have fallen on sleep on your arms, one and each side. They are napping. If you move, they wake up. So you might as well take advantage of the hostage situation and nap along with them. Being a parent you need it since you have so little sleep already.

Anyways, those are just some of things I enjoy about being an adult and parent. Until another day

toodles :)

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